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About us

Mix Fashion with Pro Vibes


Our mission is to infuse innovation and style into professional billiards products, enhancing the player experience and attracting a larger crowd to embrace this awesome hobby. We firmly believe that innovation and style extend beyond aesthetics; they encompass the practical use of products and the overall consumer experience. Many players may not be familiar with all the ins and outs of billiards, so we are dedicated to not only creating outstanding billiards products but also bridging the gap in their practical use for all players. Our goal is to allow billiards lovers to blend fashion with pro vibes, elevating their game time to be more dynamic and thrilling. Always pushing boundaries, we aspire to be trendsetters in style and offer a fresh experience for billiards fans in the industry.


LEGEND Billiards is an emerging supplier of professional billiards equipment, proudly managing our in-house brand, LEGEND. With the rich history of the billiards sport and the evolution of time, we firmly believe that billiards equipment should align with contemporary trends. The current billiards industry presents vast opportunities for innovation.

The innovative journey of the L brand began with the design of professional billiards lights tailored for various settings. We are committed to ushering in a new era where billiards lights are both professional and stylish. Our meticulously crafted professional billiards lights excel in energy efficiency and durability, renowned for their comfortable lighting and aesthetic practicality. Additionally, we offer a range of billiards light styles suitable for different venues, including billiards arenas, halls, and homes, catering to diverse needs.With boundless enthusiasm, we extend the flame of innovation to other billiards accessories, such as highly breathable billiards gloves and durable tips. In the future, we aim to bring more high-quality products to billiards enthusiasts. Importantly, LB's involvement goes beyond product sales; we are eager to witness the growth of billiards enthusiasts.

distributors wanted!

LB proudly serves as the exclusive distributor for the KO brand, owned by the Ko brothers, in the United States. We are honored to have the Ko brothers as the official ambassadors for LB. Currently, we warmly invite distributors to join our team and collectively explore the market. A win-win collaboration has always been our steadfast commitment to partners. In addition to providing quality products, we take full responsibility for comprehensive market promotion. We look forward to collaborating with you.

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  • 2023 World Pool Masters Championship
  • 2015 WPA World Nine-ball Championship
  • 2015 WPA World Ten-ball Championship
  • 2015 World Cup of Pool Championship (partner with Chang Yu Lung)


  • 2023 Maldives Open Ten-ball Champion
  • 2023 Philippines Sharks Open Nine-ball Champion
  • 2023 U.S. Open Nine-ball Champion
  • 2023 Taipei Open Nine-ball Champion
  • 2019 WPA World Ten-ball Champion


2022 TPBA Taiwan Billiards Alliance Champion