Ultra-breathable Premium Billiard Glove

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Hand: Left Hand
Size: S


This Professional Billiard Glove features ultra-breathable material on both the palmar side and Dorsal side.

This professional Billiard Glove features ultra-breathable mesh material on both the palmar side and dorsal side. Integrating micro-perforated breathable material. The material on the palm side is not only breathable but also robust and long-lasting, ensuring a glove that can withstand rigorous use. On the dorsal side, the breathable material offers superior elasticity, resulting in unparalleled comfort for billiard enthusiasts. An efficient anti-slip pattern and the adjustable Velcro closure ensure a snug fit, so that the glove stays securely in place during gameplay. The meticulous craftsmanship and sturdy seam stitching make this glove an excellent value for its quality.

Adjustable Velcro Closure

Ultra-breathable & Highly Durable Fabric for the Palmar Side

Superior Anti-slip Patch

Ultra-breathable & Highly Elastic Fabric for the Dorsal Side

Reinforced Seam


Comfort & Precision

Experience a pleasant sensation that replicates playing bare-handed, especially during shots. This glove elevates your gaming comfort and precision.



Integrating micro-perforated breathable material, this glove enhances air circulation, prevents excessive sweating, and maintains optimal conditions for precise movements.


Moisture Control

Add ContenEngineered for athletic-grade performance, this lightweight and airy glove excels in moisture-wicking, ensuring consistent play and unbeatable comfort in any climate.


Tailored Fit

Adapting to your hand's natural shape, the glove's moderate elastic stretch facilitates a perfect fit and wraparound sensation, optimizing both snugness and control during gameplay.

Ultra-breathable on Both side