Break/Jump Cue Tip

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Crafted with high-density non-compression material to redefine your game!

This break cue tip boasts an unparalleled hardness, guaranteeing maximum energy transfer for a forceful break. With its exceptional design, executing jump shots with finesse becomes effortless, allowing for precise control over the cue ball's trajectory after the jump. Our Break/Jump Cue Tip maintains its shape impeccably, resisting deformation even after prolonged use. Whether you're breaking or jumping, rely on this tip to deliver consistent, reliable performance, ensuring longevity in functionality. 

High-density nano-synthesized materials

Outstanding Shape Retention

Exceptional Consistency & Longevity

Diameter: 14mm

Remarkable Hardness for Impactful Breaks

An extremely hard break jump cue tip ensures powerful energy transfer for an impactful break.

Effortless Jumps with Precision Control

This tip facilitates you in executing jump shots with finesse, enabling precise positioning of the cue ball after the jump.

Outstanding Shape Retention

This tip upholds its shape without deformation, minimizing the chance of mishits and delivering lasting precision with each shot.

Exceptional Consistency & Longevity

A reliable cue tip ensures exceptional performance for every break or jump shot, promoting longevity in its functionality.